Friday, 20 May 2011

Road names mismatch

With due respect to whoever renamed those roads, I must say that I don't agree. Do you? Read on!

Devil's Tower Road is to be renamed as North Front Avenue, but why not Bishop Devlin Avenue. After all, Bishop Devlin was associated with St Theresa's Church on that very road.

What doesn't make sense is that Cannon Lane is instead to be renamed Bishop Devlin Road.

Since Cannon Lane rans behind the Cathedral, and since Bishop Caruana was associated with the Cathedral, why not name Cannon Lane as Bishop Caruana Lane?

After all, the other lane nearby is named after Bishop Rapallo.

The mismatch continues. Because an unnamed new road in the new MidHarbours Estate is to be named Bishop Caruana Road!

Extract from the Armando La Grande column

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