Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Queensway seafront becoming a concrete jungle. Why?

What a disgrace that the Queensway seafront is becoming a concrete jungle, instead of an area which can provide recreational facilities by the sea to the public at large. Instead, up goes a skyscraper, and the large open area next to it, is also earmarked for another skyscraper. Are we not destroying Gibraltar?

When the MOD controlled all that seafront many people used to dream that, one day, when the land became available for redevelopment it would be put to the wider use. Instead, it has been given to developers to make a million, restricting its use to those who are able to buy the expensive flats built there.

To add insult to injury the large space, now empty, next to the skyscraper, another skyscraper is due to be built!

For its part, the Government has its plans to build an underground carpark at the Commonwealth Parade plus a green area. All this will cost much money. Not only that but it shows that the Government is eager to develop a large green area there.

Yet, at less cost, there is this large open space right opposite, and with the added attraction of being a seafront area. Surely that could be put to better use for the wider public interest?

Ocean Village is an example where buildings and recreational areas combine. That should be the way forward.

In fact, when it comes to the Queensway site there is already a big enough skyscraper there - cannot the rest be used to meet the wider public interest?

Under what conditions was that huge space handed over? What can the Government do about it?

Land is scarce in Gibraltar and should not be used in a manner that the public is deprived of its wider use.