Wednesday, 25 May 2011

GBC accused of ‘unfairness’ in not giving all parties an even playing field

GBC has refused a request from the PDP that it should give PDP Leader Keith Azopardi the same opportunity it gave the GSLP Leader, Fabian Picardo, to explain the party's plans ahead of this year's general election, says PDP spokesperson Gigi Sene.

A couple of weeks ago, GBC screened a special one hour Viewpoint programme with Mr Picardo on which he was allowed to appear unchallenged and explain the GSLP's ideas for the next election. This was in addition to the already extensive coverage of the change of leadership in the GSLP both as a news item and with an extended interview to the new leader. The PDP add that they have no problem with Mr Picardo getting all this air time as long as all parties are given an equal opportunity to explain their views in this clearly intensive pre-eleotoral period.

The party insists that this Viewpoint with Fabian Picardo gave him a unique opportunity to put across his ideas and answer questions both from the interviewer and the callers in a way that has never been afforded to the PDP leader even on the launch of the party in 2006. "Equal coverage after the election is called will never repair the inequality of coverage in these few months just ahead of an election," they insist.

GBC has now decided that it will not give the PDP leader a similar opportunity.

The PDP says it is disappointed by this decision by GBC which is after all a public broadcaster and is supposed to act fairly. It organised an unprecedented exclusive programme with Mr Picardo which had nothing to do with the coverage of the leadership change which was over and above it. This means that in effect GBC is preventing the PDP from explaining its views to the people of Gibraltar.

It calls for GBC to reconsider its decision. If it does not then the whole of Gibraltar should be aware that GBC have decided that only the GSLP should be given this exclusive coverage in the run-up to the election. "The unfairness of such a decision is obvious," says the party.

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  1. I think the PDP is absolutely right! They should have the same coverage as other political parties, I am extremely disappointed by GBC's decision. Who are they to deny the people this great opportunity to hear more about the PDP's plans for the future?

    Have they (GBC) already decided that the PDP is not a "real" contender to win the elections? If so on what basis have they decided this and why should they effectively censor what the public may or may not watch!?

    I think it is time the general public accepted that the PDP may be a real alternative to the more traditional GSD or GSLP. I urge people to express their dissatisfaction with GBC for acting so unfairly... Shame on them!