Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Evangelical Alliance against mediums

The Evangelical Alliance of Gibraltar says it would like to express its concern at the news that a psychic medium will once again be visiting Gibraltar.

"We live in a society which, for very good reasons, demands strict regulation from those who make their living out of dealing with vulnerable people. There would however appear to be a flagrant gap in the protection that our society offers. It would seem that any ‘self styled’ medium can set up shop, backed only by a ‘selling of themselves’ and their celebrity status. The people who will be attracted to this type of event are often in a situation of vulnerability, as they try to come to grips with bereavement and grief, and, in many cases, are unable to face the reality of their loss. That these mediums can appear, for a not unsubstantial amount of money, to make contact with departed loved ones is insensitive, misleading and false," they say.

And add: "While not everyone believes in the Bible, it contains many simple truths that give purpose and meaning to life. The Bible tells us to avoid certain behaviours and attitudes that are dangerous to our physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing. One issue the Bible deals with repeatedly concerns any attempt to contact the dead. It clearly tells us that no good comes of these attempts and it will always be, in some measure, harmful. On a practical level, it is a fact that counselling a vulnerable person can lead to greater hurt, however caring and well meaning the practitioner may be. This is borne out by the fact that anyone involved in the counselling profession is required to have ‘indemnity insurance’ in place."

The Evangelical Alliance go on to say that they would like to know if mediums are required to have any such insurance in place to safeguard against the damage they can cause. "While never accepting that being a medium is a legitimate way of earning money, the authorities should be concerned that earnings are declared and be subject to Gibraltar Taxation. The vulnerable in our society deserve and have every right to expect protection at every level. We hope that the Government will see fit to put in place some kind of control of this nefarious activity," ends their press release.


  1. Much the same way there are psychic charlatans out there are also I am sure many will agree religious charlatans out there too. Do not religious groups and sects target the vulnerable too? What gives anyone the god given right to decide what is good or not good for individuals to delve into. Some may look for religious inspiration others may prefer other methods of finding hope/answers or whatever they are seeking within themselves. Thankfully we now live in a free society or don’t we?

    The Bible is full of contradictions anyway so using that as an 'authority' to claim the moral high ground is simply self-serving as politicians would say. Doesn't the Bible worship the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? Can anyone really explain what is meant by the Holy Spirit? So much for quoting the Bible! There are many references in the Bible which describes spirit contacts and mediums but so what? Anyone can quote from this Book to suit their own ends. In fact some sects even refuse to accept blood transfusions because some wannabe modern day over-zealous prophet realized that there was no reference of allowing blood transfusions in any text in the Holy Book either! As though there would be!!!

    Historically psychics have always had an important role in all cultures and societies around the world. From the American Indians to the Australian aborigines psychics have always been greatly prized and respected in their societies. Our ancestors in Egypt, Greece and Rome did the same. Unfortunately it was Christianity and later Islam that propelled humanity into the Dark Ages of which man has not yet fully recovered (just take a good look at the news to see what man is still capable of doing in the name of religion). Using the Bible as their authority men, women and children accused of displaying psychic abilities were tortured, mutilated and murdered by religious fanatics in the name of God. Some religious leaders have even convinced members of their sects to commit mass suicide, were these people not vulnerable too? In comparison how many psychics can be said to have brainwashed people to commit mass murder or blow themselves up with the promise of martyrdom and paradise? No, that’s the preserve of our religious leaders who take it upon themselves to decide in the name of God what the masses must and mustn’t do in this life.

    Your reference to declared earnings and Gibraltar Taxation ‘while never accepting that being a medium is a legitimate way of earning money’ is without logic and just further accentuates your veiled threats (if you can’t win the moral argument let’s win the legal one). Yes everyone who accepts money for a service is required by law to declare it and pay taxes, but let’s face it, how many self-employed people declare all their potential earnings? For that matter how many ‘reputable’ companies actually fail to pay income tax and social insurance to GOG (although these have been deducted from their employee salaries)? Again, are psychics the only ones that should be responsible for all the ills of society and be held accountable? I think you just opened a can of words there….

    As for myself, and many others I am sure, we are perfectly capable of deciding what we can do, say, hear or watch without being subjected to imposed censorship by your organization or any other religious, social, political group for that matter. Whether I would want to seek advice from a priest, a psychiatrist, a counsellor or a psychic is entirely my choice and mine alone.

  2. Got to agree with comments as posted by the 1st poster. Three words come to mind.. pot..kettel..black. Whilst not personally into the psychic/medium thing I am quite capable of deciding for myself what I do with my time and money as I am sure are most people without the help of the Evangelical Alliance.

  3. Rich, coming from a belief system (any organised religion) which has preyed on the credulous and vulnerable for much of mankind's history!

  4. Bible pushers, stop whining because you cant put psychics on the fire anymore ! Talking about harmful, shame on you if you dont see how harmful your religion was for anyone gifted with psychic abilities, through the ages. By the way, your conclusion on the eternal sole and the afterlife, really is only speculation based on fear of the unknown. Where in the bible does it say we should have no contact whith our loved ones who has departed to heaven? As you do for the living, who is to guide or help the lost ones unable to find their way in the afterlife. These mediums (the real ones) see this as their calling(very similar to yourself) and should not charge any money for it, that I totally agree. But judge not... Remember I talk about the genuine psychics, not the moneyhungry frauds. But I get the impression that you think that they all are ...? PS.Is it any better if a fraud pays tax ?
    Also, then - shouldn't the pope or priest in the catholic church f.ex. pay a lot of tax, for all the money people have paid to the church for salvation over the years? then again , where would the taxes go - to the state and church ?? A bit off track from where we started, my point being, as a religios person, shouldn't tolerance be more valued than this. And don't mention the harmfulness of other beliefs, as a christian that is just not clever...