Thursday, 26 May 2011

GBC becoming a King-size broadcasting monopoly: Does he believe in monopolies?

The PDP, which is a long established party, is complaining about what they see as the unfairness of GBC. It is now their turn, others in different walks of life have had reason to be critical of this highly subsidised station.

The problem with GBC stems from the fact that it is a broadcasting monopoly, thus they are inclined to do as they please because they are not subject to local competition.

Monopolies are not a good thing, and freedom-loving people everywhere will fight for their removal.

If the GBC monopoly was done away with, it would not be difficult to discern the freshness that would emerge.

Over the years, the station has become something like a government department. They lack commercial flair, that 'extra' that makes them more acceptable to all.

A government department is a government department, and a broadcasting station should be a broadcasting station.

It is surprising that someone who had a job at Sky, which broke so many conventions and which fought for freedom and diversity, should have become another GBC clone.

Allan King, now the GBC 'chief executive officer', is supportive of the old GBC line. Yet, he himself was super-critical of GBC before he was given the job he now occupies.

So, who does one believe, the Allan King of today or the Allan King of yesterday?

And what does he mean when he says: "GBC's news coverage is based - and will continue to be based - on news value. When an election is called, which is not the case to date, every party will be given fair and impartial coverage."

Is he saying that every party will be given fair and impartial coverage when an election is called.

What happens before and after an election - is he sayng that every party will not be given fair and impartial coverage?

Ask the PDP.

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