Friday, 1 July 2011

The rumour that never was

From Panorama Gibraltar:
The Government has issued a press release rejecting a rumour suggesting that the assault on the Leader of the Opposition may have been perpetrated by a member of the Chief Minister's family. The Opposition, for their part, say they first heard about it when the Government issued their press release.


Said the Government statement: "A malicious rumour has spread around Gibraltar that the recent assault on Opposition Leader Fabian Picardo may have been perpetrated by a member of the Chief Minister’s family.

"This is totally untrue, no member of the Chief Minister’s family has had anything whatsoever to do with this incident, still less perpetrated the assault.

"The Government is deeply concerned about the motives of those who start such malicious and untrue rumours."


Said the Opposition: "The Opposition notes the content of the press release by the Office of the Chief Minister published on the Government's own website in relation to the assault on the Leader of the Opposition.

"The Opposition is surprised to see the Government issuing press releases to address “rumours”.

"The alleged “rumour” was not known to any member of the Opposition or anyone in the GSLP/Liberals until the press release was issued by the Government.

"The Opposition is deeply concerned that anyone would want to spread any rumours at all about the vicious and unprovoked attack on the Leader of the Opposition at the weekend (in respect of which a man has already been arrested) and would question the motives of anyone doing so; especially if that in any way interferes with the work of the officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police who are investigating the matter."

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