Tuesday, 12 July 2011

No Constitutional Change is the name of the Game

The present Constitution may or may not be perfect or agreeable to all and sundry, but it is of recent design and hence we are stuck with it for quite a while.

That is the real world we live in - or haven't we learnt the lesson yet?

It being so that no change can be expected for now, what is the point of trying to stir up constitutional change?

People can think out new ideas or do what they like. That is their prerogative.

But there is no point in stirring things up at a time when it appears so obvious that No Change is the name of the game.

It could well be that we could extract some minor changes if we were determined enough to stage the kind of campaign that would be required.

And in trying to stir up change we should be careful the wise guys and girls at the foreign Office (they are not as dumb as they look) do not twist things in their favour.

Or haven't some people heard that there are those wearing FCO hats who take the view that Britain may have given away too much, too soon.

In fact there are rumours that the UK minister for Europe (that is, the minister for the Foreign Office)was in Gibraltar recently and made it known that the Governor should be respected. From which we can conclude that he did not think that the Governor was being respected.

And the message was obviously for the Chief Minister who is the only person close enough to the Governor to respect or not respect the position of Governor, whatever the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, might be.

But who doesn't know that the Chief Minister aspires to be Head of State or thinks he can behave like one et al?

So, who's for constitutional change at this point in time?

Joe Garcia

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