Wednesday, 6 April 2011

One attack after another against Gibraltar in Spanish TV channel

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All the customary attacks and insults which are hurled at Gibraltar from Spain featured in a Spanish TV programme, a video of which has been obtained by PANORAMA. It was aired in the intereconomia channel from Madrid. And some well-known anti-Gibraltar people took part, from PP's Jose Ignacio Landaluce to La Linea's mayor Alejandro Sanchez.

Landaluce was insisting that the waters surrounding the Rock are Spanish in every respect. He said the PP was taking initiatives so that the Spanish government backs the Guardia Civil and other Spanish agencies operating in 'Spanish waters'.

He referred to the serious incident in the bay last September.

The programme also showed footage of a boat belonging to the ecologists Verdemar which, it said, had been arrested by Gibraltar police, again in 'Spanish waters.'

Even a parachute exercise by the MOD, 1.8 miles off Europa Point, was in'Spanish waters'.

Viewers in Spain must have got the impression that Gibraltar is forever violating what was repeatedly termed 'Spanish waters'.

This was being shown in a 15-minute introductory report, which was later followed by a lengthy debate.



  1. Peter Caruana says he is not anti-Spanish, okay, but when you see a programme like this one on a Spanish TV channel what is one expected to be?
    They are decidedly anti-Gibraltarian, everything we do is wrong as far as they are concerned.
    Being anti is not something that I promote. However, we have to defend ourselves from the constant attacks in Spain, at every level. Does that make us 'anti'?

  2. What tirade! Alejandrito an his anti-Gibraltar crowd now on Spanish nationwide television putting across the same arguments, from the famous peaje to the incursions - it makes you sick that all they can say is that our territorial waters are Spanish but they do not have strong arguments to back up what they say.
    Apart from the British reporter who said that Britain wouldbe prepared to go to war to defend Gibraltar, the rest was the rubbish of always. But it is the rubbish that they keep feeding the Spanish which, as Caruana has said, helps maintain a shortage of knowledge about Gibraltar in Spain.
    No surprise that they all keep acting in an anti-Gibraltarian fashion.

  3. Well what do you expect considering the stance taken by Britain which is luke warm to say the least. The fact is the border came down only a few years after the Falklands war when Spain knew Britain meant business. Today, however Britain is a different place over crowded with millions of foreigners that care nothing about British tradition culture and fair play, every scum bag from across the planet converges on Britain to take advantage under an apathetic cowardly Government. Now a Britain that allows that to happen (not the one my grandparents fought for) is not a Britain that has the courage to fight for Gibraltar's rights and Spain knows this as the scum from across their country took advantage of Britain's hospitality first in the mid 1980s (London was awash with drug addicts from large Spanish cities taking advantage or free methadone etc. not available in Spain all paid for by the good old and terminally ill NHS!) plus Spanish students got a free education too before tuition fees (yes that's right we helped support them that don't support your rights!! and have now shot ourselves in the foot, and now we can't support the domestice students today) and these students from that period are the ones now making decisions in the Spanish Parliment. We helped and paid to create this monster. I know this as I am fron London and made friends with many Spansih students at the time and knew of their frustration about Gibraltar. Britain has had no strong leadership since Margaret Thatcher and that is a fact. You can whinge all you want but there is no real support from a country that cannot even support itself unless helped by the USA and they don't give a toss for Gibraltar's rights. The Spanish bull can sesne the weakness in the British Lion and unfortunaltey it is easy to spot. To quote the waterboys, 'Old England is dying' and strangely enough my old Spanish student friends loved this song!!

  4. Well said. The good news is that on the 29 FEBRUARY Alejandro Sanchez is in Court number 2 in La Linea charged with corruption. He sold land twice over. Come to the court room and bring churros. Look surely we must not get excited by these idiots like Landeluse this has been going on for centuries. Do not let them wind you up. You only put up your blood pressure. Spain has so many problems that they have no real time for Gibraltar. Do not under estimate the UK. Franco did so did Hitler so did Argentina. We have been attacked by Spain and should be used to it bye now. Long live British Gibraltar. I wish I could write fluent Spanish I would have a lot of time winding them up. (Nimrod)