Saturday, 30 April 2011

Gibraltar's muted response to Royal Wedding helps our detractors

Gibraltar's muted celebrations about the Royal Wedding which the rest of the world has been enthusiastically celebrating is already drawing comments beyond our frontiers. It may end up doing us more harm than good.
Gibraltarians' exaggerated embrace of the monarchy, proclaimed loudly in English and Spanish, is part of the ferocity with which they defend their Britishness against 300 years of Spanish claims to sovereignty, says a report in The Guardian.
Celebrations were dampened, however, by both a heavy Atlantic squall washing over the tiny Iberian peninsula and by a glum feeling that Prince Charles no longer loves them.
A recent visit by Charles and Camilla to Spain, Portugal and Morocco – without a stopover on the Rock – left Gibraltarians feeling snubbed.
"A lot of people are upset about that," someone told the paper. "We are sometimes more British than the British here. People don't understand why he visits Spain, but not us. Even the younger generation feel it."
Okay, it was not like the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, when they actually started their honeymoon in the Royal Yacht Britannia. But many feel something could have been done about it to bring out the real feelings this time round as well.
The policy of appeasement that is engulfing the Rock these days is clearly to Spain's benefit. Even those incursions by the Guardia Civil into our long-established british territorial waters make people feel let down.
It all adds to a feeling of those who should look after us not doing anything - and what is worse, letting those who wish to destroy us have a field day.
If we are British we are British and this should be reflected in what we do and don't do. Are spme putting Spain first - and British Gibraltar second? It is a question that needs answering.


  1. Why should we care about a wedding?what the should have done is donate the many millions it has costed the taxpayer to the much needed.

    They didnt even plan to visit Gib to me they are dead and i have no respect for them and wish thier divorce.

    A very hurt gibraltarian

  2. I am british and long live england and british gibraltar so what if the prince could not come this time round, I won't lose any sleep after all its not like he is going to visit every city and town in uk. Look at the top of the rock or morish castle and there is a nice flag waving there thats all I need.