Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Spanish accuse Caruana of being ‘an environmental terrorist’

A Spanish political party has gone as far as accusing the chief minister Peter Caruana of being 'an environmental terrorist,' which goes to show to what extent there are those on the other side prepared to attack Gibraltar's leaders.

In this case, it is the 'Partido Andalucista' which has made the accusation, because in their view Caruana goes about behaving in the 'Bay of Algeciras' without adhering to EU directives in matters of bunkering, of shipping and of maritime security.

The PA party has in fact raised a formal complaint before their courts against Caruana for allegedly putting at risk his own people and the whole of the bay by refusing help over the explosion and fire in the port of Gibraltar last week.

After Caruana made a statement about resources to handle such a fire, others in Spain have quickly highlighted that Gibraltar is admitting that it does not have the resources to handle incidents like the one that happened in the port.

Among other things, Caruana said that there is no prospect of the sullage plant being allowed to restart operations.

He also said: "We indicated to Spain almost immediately once the incident happened that we would call on their resources as soon as they were required. That is exactly what we did."

What next? That is the question being asked. It is one thing to have good relations and it is something else to fall into the trap of converting cooperation into Gibraltar losing control in its own operations.

Certainly, if we want to be a leading port we must ensure that we have the necessary equipment, materials and resources to handle any eventuality that may arise.

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  1. calling the chief minister of gibraltar peter caruana by the partido andalusista an enviromental terrorist, disrespectable and an insult to gibraltar, we are not the only ones in bunkering in the bay of gibraltar, but we should be much more strict, with the bunkering, also i hope that an independent out side enquiry be held as soon as possible, also the oil tanks should be removed from north mole, because a cruise terminal with oil tanks is out of the question, i consider the cruise terminal should be upgrated because it is very inportant for our economy. thank you, charles beanland